Overview :

Amethyst is a form of quartz, with a silicon dioxide composition .The primary ingredient is sand. The majority of quartz samples are clear, but amethyst derives it's beautiful purple appearance due to small amounts of iron impurities in the crystal lattice.

Healing Properties

Amethyst is one of the best stones to use for meditation. It is a stone of divine love. It guides the awareness away from self-centered thought patterns as it lures the mind towards a deeper understanding. Because of its calming mental effect, amethyst is a stone that can be used for over- worked, over -stressed, or overwhelmed mental states, and it gives protection to those who wear it. It is one of the best stones to use for tension or migraine headaches. It's good for people who tend to be easily angered or suffer from recurrent nightmares. It brings you a peaceful balance of mental and emotional energies. A good stone for insomnia and intuitive awareness. It will bring you mental peace and harmony.

Mythical Legend

Amethyst was considered to preserve sobriety in ancient Greece and Amethyst adorned wine goblets to prevent drunkenness. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that Amethyst dissipated evil thoughts and quickened intelligence. Amethyst is a noticeable adornment in the British Crown Jewels, and the color purple has come to be symbolic of royalty. Amethyst was believed to promote piety and celibacy, and it was a popular ornamentation for religious purposes in the Middle Ages.

Deposits: Amethyst occurs in Africa, Australia, Russia, South America, Brazil, Uruguay .

Major Specifications of Gem


Purpele, violet

Mohs’ hardness





Conchoidal, very brittle

Crystal system

(trigonal), hexagonal prism

Chemical composition

SiO2 silicon dioxide



Refractive index


Absorption spectrum



Sixth, ajna

Sun Sign


Symbolic sign

Lucky charm